In Castiglion Fiorentino



Castiglion Fiorentino Theater was born in 1886 from local people who founded the Società Accademica. The project started three years after by engineers Olinto Perticucci e Paolo Bertelli. After financial problems, the theater was finally completed and lately inaugurated in 1911.

From 1984 to 2000 the theater didn’t work. The area which interests the theater is close to the town walls (Porta Aretina). The structure houses inside a room with three tiers of boxes accessible by a large rectangular foyer.

The scenic tower has two sides of rooms for stage use, the dressing rooms and the secondary stairs. The characteristics inside are the original ones, with the decorations that have not received restoration work particularly heavy. The seats are a total of 335, 130 in the hall and 205 between stages and gallery.

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