Le Ricette

Tortiglioni to Carracci ‘s “Casolare il Condottiero”

Tortiglioni to Carracci ‘s “Casolare il Condottiero”

Le Ricette

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 35 min.


Ingredients: (for six people )

500 grams of tortiglioni Pasta Toscana ,

2 tablespoons oil,

three cloves of garlic,

tomato paste or tomato puree,


rosemary ,

600g cannellini beans ,




Boil the beans in salted water . Then in a frying pan pour the olive oil , garlic ” poached ” (not peeled ), two sage leaves and a sprig of rosemary. Fry , remove the garlic and then flavored with a tablespoon of tomato paste or ½ cup of tomato sauce . Let cook for about 10 minutes to a minimum . Then in a pan add the beans , drained of their cooking water , cover the whole of broth and water, based on a baking ten minutes from when you lift bollore. Nel Meanwhile cook the pasta al dente. Once cooked ripassatela for five minutes in the sauce you have prepared with beans. For a stronger taste you can replace the oil with a mixture of lard or bacon …

Enjoy your meal !


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