The event will be dedicated to work. Cookies Show, May 18 Piazza Municipio, edited dell’AOTC

The event will be dedicated to work. Cookies Show, May 18 Piazza Municipio, edited dell’AOTC


Presented the festival entitled “May to Castiglion Fiorentino.” It is a dear and traditional meeting that this year is renewed from the name. For the first time, the event will be dedicated to work and as stated by the commissioner Guido Albucci “will be declined in many facets.” Will, in fact, more than 50 events are scheduled during the event. Exhibitions, shows, conferences, tourism, folklore and sports. Many, also, the initiatives that they see the active participation of many associations and reality of Castiglione area. There will also be the Trade Fair. Companies exhibiting at the Foro Boario but for one day only, May 1. Sunday, May 5 along the streets of Old Town, will be attending the stalls of over 70 exhibitors at the Fair Market is that the Exchange Exhibition of Products Antiques and Crafts.

Here is the detailed program.

Trade shows:
May 1-June 30
Exhibition of paintings and sculpture “Castiglion Fiorentino Contemporary”
Town Hall and Church of St. Philip
Raffaello Lucci May 1 to May 15
Adriano Maraldi – Luciano Navacchia May 16-May 31
Ferruccio Gard-Angelo Rinaldi June 1 to June 30

May 1 to 15
Exhibition of painting and graphics “StraCastiglioni (and not only …)”
Gabriele Menci
Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Theatre – Via Behind the Walls

May 1 to 15
Photo exhibition “Masks Baroque in a medieval village”
by the Circle Photo Castiglionese
Cloister of St. Francis
Opening May 1 at 11 am

May 1 to 15
Exhibition of paintings by Laura Rinaldini
Italian Course n ° 74

May 1 to 5
Show-Workshop “The dyed yarn”
Daniela Panariello
Laboratory dyeing wool – May 4, 16.30
Opening hours 10-12.30 and 16-19
Italian Course 86

May 1 to 31
Contemporary art exhibition of painting, sculpture and graphics
Tommaso Musarra
Piazza San Francesco  1

May 18 to June 2
Show Rosalba Pepi
“A stitch embroidery strand-Catherine de Medici”
Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Theatre
Via Behind the Walls
Opening Saturday, May 18 at 17
Hours: weekdays 17-19 hours
Saturday and Sunday 10-12 and 16-19

Saturday, May 25
Presentation of the book “Catherine de ‘Medici, a running stitch embroidery” by Sabrina Massini
Saletta reduced Theatre 18 hours
Saturday, June 1st and Sunday 2nd June at 17 – 19
Demonstration and practical course work free
April 25 to May 31
Show “Lightness”
Collective painting by Mauro Capitani – Sergio Scatizzi-Franca Livi Limoni
the headquarters of the Foundation “AD SIDERA” – Corso Italia 41
from Friday to Sunday 16-19 hours
Opening Thursday, April 25 at 18

“Exhibition of paintings by Luno”
Permanent showroom Lucia Nocentini
Via San Michele 4/6

May 1 to May 19
Photo exhibition “Hands stretched to Sierra Leone”
by the association “Solidarity in good hands”
Cloister of St. Francis

May 1-June 16
Show of civilization
Cellars of the House Lorenzetti
Italian Course 92



May 1
Basketball: Tournament eaglets
Sports center Montecchio Vesponi
organized by the School of Basketball Castiglion Fiorentino

May 2 to 12
Open Tournament 2013 – Men’s Singles 2.5/4.1 and 2.5/4.3 Female
by the Tennis Club Fontesecca

May 4
Feast of the Holy Cross in Mammi
Lunch offered by the Society of Mammi 8.45
Walk away by GECO, Ass.ProLoco and Ward formwork 15.30
Mass – memory of rionali biancoazzurri disappeared 19 hours
Before dinner in the open air season 20 hours

May 4
“14th Trofeo Menci Spa” Under 23 amateur bicycle race / Elite
By the Cycling Association Castiglionese
Porta Fiorentina 14 hours

May 5
11 ° Trofeo Fans Club Daniele Bennati-Cycling race for Juniors from 7 to 12 years
in collaboration with G.S.Olimpia Valdarnese
Track Montecchio Vesponi: Meeting at 14 – departure at 16

May 12
Finals Volleyball Regional Championship Under-13 – 18 teams from all over Tuscany
Sports Hall at 15-20

May 15-June 15
Youth soccer tournament “Emanuele Faralli” 24th Edition
Stadio Comunale 18 hours

May 19
Podismo: “Run to the Boscatello”
Running race for adults and youth
By the Association Podistica “The Campino”
20 ° Trofeo Pasta Fabianelli
11 ° Trofeo Paolo Pierini
4 ° Trofeo AVIS Castiglion Fiorentino
Loc Boscatello 8 am meeting
9.15am departure categories adults and fun walk open to all motor
10.45 starting junior categories

May 19
16 ° Raduno Fiat 500 and derivatives – Cars and motorcycles
By the Terziere Porta Fiorentina
Piazza Risorgimento 8 am Registration
10 am start for sightseeing tour


May 24
“6th Memorial Cesare Cappelletti”
Football tournament between the teams that saw him as protagonist
Sports facility Boscatello 18 hours

May 26
Trekking to the Park of Comunanze (Pian Caciolo)
Departure at 9
edited by G.E.C.O.

May 30
Essay of the students of the courses of rhythmic gymnastics
Sports Hall from 21
organized by Asd Rhythmic Gymnastics Cortona


May 1 to May 31
Corner “Fair Play”
Screening of some historical editions of the “Fair Play Award Maecenas’ and photo exhibition
At the premises of the former Margaritone, via the Court

May 4
“Protection and enhancement of the resource area for the development of sustainable tourism.
Experiences of female entrepreneurship “
Conference sponsored by Fidapa
Teatro Comunale 10 hours

May 5
The Historical Archive: extraordinary visit to a hidden heritage of Castiglion Fiorentino
by the Cultural and Educational Institution Castiglionese
Piazza del Comune 16.30

May 9
Concert by pupils of the Comprehensive Sansepolcro
Twinning with the Comprehensive School “D.Alighieri” of Castiglion Fiorentino
Teatro Comunale 11.30

May 10
Conference sponsored by CNA Confartigianato Arezzo
“The young enterprise. Dialogue between young people out of work and entrepreneurship “
Interventions of the students of High School and IPSIA of Castiglion Fiorentino
Teatro Comunale 10 hours

May 11
High School Matinees by Isis “Giovanni da Castiglione”
Round table “exorcising the crisis”
Church of the College 10 hours
May 18
“Jeux d’eau. Dialogue between a physicist and a poet”
Church of the College 11 hours
May 24
“The fault is always the devil”, theatrical performance – Piazza del Collegio

May 12
“TableTour, the interactive guide of Castiglion Fiorentino”
organized by the Association “common objective” in collaboration with Banca Popolare di Cortona

“Val di Chio Bike” – green ways to discover the territory
Presentation of the project by the architect A.Carta, GECO and Ass.ProLoco
Teatro Comunale 17 hours

May 18
The European Night of Museums
Presentation of the restoration of the two tables “Enthroned Madonna and Child with St. Catherine of Alexandria” by Giovanni di Paolo. By Paola Cardinali
Church of Sant’Angelo to the formwork 18 hours

May 19
“The body and mind”
Trekking among the churches of the old town Castiglione Minor
Check out the Town Hall Square 16 hours
Edited by ICEC and ASL 8

May 25
“We want to Day Zero”
by the students of the Comprehensive D. Alighieri, in collaboration with UNICEF
Public Gardens hours 9-13

May 25
Bank Conference ValdiChiana
“For 10 years Castiglion Fiorentino for work, development, conservation
Teatro Comunale 17.30

May 26
“Tea at the Museum”
Conference “200 years evergreen” – Rapporteur Nicola Menci
Municipal Museum 16.45

May 27
Presentation of the book “Bubble Glass” written by Barbara Boschi and illustrated by Adriano Maraldi
In the presence of primary school pupils
Municipal Theatre


May 7
Concert of the Philharmonic Castiglionese in honor of the Patron Saint Michael
College Square at 21

May 11
“Quelli del Murello” present “Your words to the wind”
Association “Augustus for life” with Rosanna Fatuzzi, Marco Bezzi, Gianluca Tagliavini
Teatro Comunale 21 hours

May 31
Closing concert del Maggio Castiglionese of Maestro Luigi Tanganelli
In collaboration with Fidapa Chiana and patronage of the Municipality
Municipal Theatre


May 1
Trade Fair “in May Castiglionese”
Foro Boario, full day

May 1
Fair Market
Piazza Matteotti-Viale Marconi, full day

May 1
Exchange Exhibition of Antiques and Crafts
Old Town, full day

May 5
Fair Market
Foro Boario, Piazza Matteotti, Viale Marconi, full day

May 4
“In the face of St. Philip: Serristori from Porta Romana”, a reenactment of the investiture and dinner
edited by Ward Porta Romana

May 5
Tribute to St. Philip’s Historical Group archers of Arezzo Chimera
Race of archery in Porta Romana

May 8
Celebrating St. Michael, the patron saint of Castiglion Fiorentino
Ward Porta Romana
18 hours
Step Religious procession
“The voice”, the first edition of singing performance
“Danzart”, exhibition dance school
Food stands in collaboration with the Committee of the Feast of The Ship and pizza feast of sweet
Musical entertainment with the accordions of Pamela and Martina. Dj set with Daniel Porcini, vocalist Simona Noccioletti
21 hours
Relay of the districts in collaboration with the Association Running “The Campino”
22 hours
Final exhibition “The voice”, singing contest and award relay
Parade of the Procession of the Districts

May 10-11-12
May 16-17-18-19
36th Feast of the Boar edited by G.S. Wild boar hunting – Castiglion Fiorentino
Foro Boario

May 18
Cookie show
in the Town Hall Square
Natural Ways shopping center of Castiglion Fiorentino
cooking demonstrations and tastings various
Edited by AOTC, Institute Vegni-Capezzine, Pasta Fabianelli

May 24-25-26-31
1 to 2 June
Medieval Feast XII biancazzurra
by the District formwork
Square of the formwork

May 25
“Medieval Banquet” XIth edition
Terziere by the Porta Fiorentina
Cloister of St. Francis 20.00

May 26
Exchange Exhibition “cabinet in the streets”
by Association ProLoco
Old Town, full day

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