Discussion meeting organized by the Bank Valdichiana. “Year 2014: are we really emerging from the crisis? “

Discussion meeting organized by the Bank Valdichiana. “Year 2014: are we really  emerging from the crisis? “


Is a  view of a strong attention to the area in which it operates and in the belief that it is necessary to look together for new strategies and opportunities to get out of the crisis that the Bank has decided to promote the Chiana Valley, right in the first months of the year, two meetings on the topic “Year 2014: we’re really coming out of the crisis? Let’s talk together. “

The first meeting will take place in Camucia, Friday, April 11 to 17 at the branch of the Banca Valdichiana Viale Gramsci, 30/32. The meeting is sponsored by Bank  Valdichiana and are invited to join the representatives of institutions and business associations, operators and entrepreneurs, shareholders and customers of the Senese and Umbrian territory of competence of the Bank.

“The target – explains the President of the Banca Valdichiana, Mara Moretti – is first of all understand the real situation, the difficulties and problems that operators are still living, and then together identify strategies to be implemented jointly, to seize new opportunities recovery and resumption of the territory. “

Banca Valdichiana of the rest  is the bank of the territory and is part of its DNA attention to the needs of families and businesses. “Proof of this – said the Director Fulvio Benicchi – the strategies implemented also in 2013 to support the credit plafond in support of specific consumption and investment, as well as ad hoc support for crisis situations related to the bad weather.”

“These initiatives, combined with strategies always sound and prudent management – continues the director Benicchi –  have allowed the Bank Valdichiana to record good results in the year that has just ended, as you quoted from the 2013 Budget that we are closing in these days. In particular, there was a consolidation of volume growth with the Harvesting,  especially Direct and positive sign of Jobs, compared to a national average negative. As far as the profit is higher than the previous year and also the Bank obtains, thanks to strong credit risk provisions, a consolidation of the Patrimony and Solvency ratios are particularly important in view of Basel 3. “

Banca Valdichiana

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