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Three days of celebration Porta Romana to St Michael, the patron saint of Castiglion Fiorentino.

Three days of celebration Porta Romana to St Michael, the patron saint of Castiglion Fiorentino.


Porta Romana in Celebration


Events in the District will begin Thursday, May 8th with the festivities of “St. Michael the Archangel,” the patron saint of the town of Castiglion Fiorentino.

10:00 Opening of the celebration.

17:30 The performance of the “La Trbù dei Nasi Rossi The”, Clown Doctors of Arezzo volunteers that will entertain children and adults with games, face painting and animation.

18:00 Passage of the religious procession

21:00 Relay Castiglionesi of the districts with the participation dell’Associzione Italian Culture and Sport “AICS”

22:00 Parade of the Historical Parade of the districts of Castiglion Fiorentino

The evening will conclude at 23:30 with a spectacular fireworks display, provided by Rione of Porta Romana.

The other is to meet Friday, May 9, with the participation of “La Corrida sotto il Castello”  by the circle MCL of Montecchio in Piazza del Collegio,  presents: “Dilettanti allo Sbaraglio”.

The various initiatives of the Rione of Porta Romana are mainly focused on the “Piazzetta” where there is the Church dedicated to San Filippo Neri.  The activity of the Saint was addressed, in particular, to young people both within and oratorios that in the villages, and the Rione, , based on of the teaching of San Filippo Neri, intends to involve the younger generation of life in the local organizing an evening  ”investiture “on 10 May. The Medieval Banquet includes performances of flags and swordsmen as well as a dinner inspired by the speakers at the Serristori that will continue with the investiture of our children.

Sunday, May 10 will be held from 9:00 am in the area of Porta Romana, the “Tappa del Campionato Nazionale di tiro con l’arco con gli Arcieri della Chimera di Arezzo”.

21:00 Performance by the Group of historic musicians and flag bearers of Lucignano.

Rione di Porta Romana

Thursday, May 1st, concert of popular music. To organize the Pro Loco of Castiglion Fno

Thursday, May 1st, concert of popular music. To organize the Pro Loco of Castiglion Fno


ProLoco Castiglion Fiorentino organized for Thursday, May 1st at 21:15 at the wonderful scenery of Piazza Sant’Agostino in Castiglion Fiorentino, a concert of popular music. Will be present choir Finnish JOUTSENON NAISLAULAJAT and the Society “Il Cilindro” Monsigliolo, the town of Cortona. The group of music and folk dances Cortona committed in the recovery, enhancement and revived in the folk traditions of our Valdichiana.

It will be a pleasant moment of exchange between two cultures …

free admission

In case of inclement weather the concert will be held in the Church of Sant’Agostino.

Pro Loco of Castiglion Fiorentino

AOTC: focus on quality tourism, the only one that can ensure the protection of the territory.

AOTC: focus on quality tourism, the only one that can ensure the protection of the territory.


The summer season is upon us and the accommodation of Castiglion Fiorentino are pulled to shine. Flowered balconies and windows wide open waiting for the many tourists who annually enliven the summer season. The Province of Arezzo has provided the first data on tourist flows of 2013 and ValdiChiana are decidedly flattering. In the first 9 months of last year, both the arrivals and the attendance increased by more than 10 percentage points. It speaks, in fact, almost 35 thousand arrivals and more than 122 thousand visitors.A given that encourages the experts to look forward with confidence and determination. “Strike while the iron when it is hot,” goes the old saying, that way you have to join forces to promote the scenic, cultural and food and wine of the Chiana Valley and especially of Castiglion Fiorentino. “It ‘s crucial to program a proper development of sustainable tourism – said the Association of Tour Operators Castiglion Fiorentino – and to do that you need to implement a new policy that points on a quality tourism, the only one that can ensure the protection of’ whole territory. ”  In a recent interview the well-known financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore” also Giulia Maria Mozzoni Crespi, President of the FAI, encourages public bodies to implement all the strategies to get out of the tourism “hit and run” or even, as pointed out the same AOTC, from the Low Cost. The low-cost tourism is not feasible in our territories and not economical for anyone, except for those who plays the role of the organizers. Until now, the secret of the success of tourism in the Valdichiana or zones similar to landscape architecture is to be sought in the high quality of services provided. “Whoever comes in our beautiful valley – says the Association – is a visitor noticed, prepared, aware of what it can offer a stay in our countries.  You certainly do not want a holiday packed with hit and run by groups of tourists in search of souvenirs-casts thoughts. Those who choose Castiglion Fiorentino want to rediscover the flavors of yesteryear surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Want to relive the life of traditions and sensory experiences. “Tourism can become one of the drivers for economic development both locally and nationally. And it is for this reason that we must protect and support it with appropriate policies that enhance the beautiful, historic, environmental, food and wine of the region. Only with a quality tourism Castiglion Fiorentino and the whole Valdichiana will strengthen consumer confidence.

Holy Week in F. Cast no. The charming old town comes alive to welcome the faithful and tourists.

Holy Week in F. Cast no. The charming old town comes alive to welcome the faithful and tourists.


In the enchanting backdrop of the historic center of Castiglion Fiorentino, Easter week is rich in religious activities and events suggestive result of intense collaboration between associations and numerous volunteers. Castiglione Holy Week kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday 15 April, when it will take place the first of three nightly processions that take place along the streets of the historic center.

The nocturnal processions are continuing a centuries-old religious tradition of the people of Castiglione. Numerous brothers, belonging to three different companies born from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries – St. Antonio, dressed in white, Buona Morte, dressed in black, the Compagnia del Gesù dressed in blue – parade with hoods and funny face in the historic center, accompanying the cross-bearers, the bearers of life-size wooden statues representing the Passion of Jesus A lot of the figures that for these three evenings are organized to bring along the alleys of the Old Town the most important stages that accompany to Easter. The Compagnia di Sant’Antonio is the protagonist of Tuesday with departure from the Church of San Francesco.

Wednesday is the scene of the Compania della Buona Morte with Christ scourged at the Column. Finally, the most striking scenes, on Friday with the Cristo Morto led by the Compagnia del Gesù. Holy Week culminates in the moment of Volata, the traditional run with the statue of the Cristo Risorto in the Collegiate Church, on Holy Saturday during the SS Easter Mass at midnight.

Paola Imposimato paint the “Cencius 2014″ for the Palio dei Rioni scheduled on June 15.

Paola Imposimato paint the “Cencius 2014″ for the Palio dei Rioni scheduled on June 15.


It ‘was proclaimed the winner a few days ago for the construction of the Palio banner 2014.

The committee appreciated all the work presented, recognizing the consistency and originality and expresses sincere thanks to the artists who submitted their work, demonstrating skills and a thorough knowledge of the Manifestation of the Palio which is good and tells our city and the its history.

The artist will paint the “cencio 2014″ is Paola Imposimato, Florentine painter, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Member Antica Compagnia del Paiolo  and Grouppo Donatello, has to his credit a number of solo and group exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, creation of thirty-three banners of historical re-enactments such as the 550th Palio della Balestra of Gubbio, Calcio Storico di Firenze,  Bravio delle Botti of Montepulciano and even cloth hangings, rags and cloths. His work ranges from portrait to sacred art, from murals to painting on fabric, table, ceramic and wax.

In 2011 he received the Prix Paola Imposimato the Regional Council of Tuscany and in 2013 the First National Painting Prize “Città di Lastra” sponsored by the Province of Florence, Tuscany Region and the City of Lastra a Signa

He also participated in the exhibition “Eva Berlin 2013″ with the Florentine delegation at the Staatliche Museen in Berlin.

Association ProLoco


April 11, at 18 Workshop on “Babette Trattoria Toscana.” 1st restaurant in Val di Chiana.

April 11, at 18 Workshop on “Babette Trattoria Toscana.” 1st restaurant in Val di Chiana.


“The flavors in the dish Campagna Amica:  Good eating at zero km” find a new bank, a new brick to add to the construction of the network of Restaurants Campagna Amica at Valdichiana and precisely in Castiglion Fiorentino.

Tulio Marcelli, president of Coldiretti Arezzo and Tuscany, closely follows the growth path of this project and explains that “in a market stall, in a restaurant, on a farm Campagna Amica, the philosophy is the same: it presents the ‘agricultural Production assortment of Italian branded Campagna Amica, ie only agricultural products from the fields and farms Italian and sold directly by an individual farm. “And ‘then – insists – “a concrete answer to counterfeiting, and is guarantee of origin and the absolute authenticity of all the products offered to the public. That the public can now find more and more often this positive opportunity to Arezzo. “

And then, as a function of the “machine” Campagna Amica. On the occasion of the talk show will illustrate Raffaella Cantagalli national Campagna Amica Foundation. “Today we have a network with more than 10,000 direct sales outlets throughout Italy. Over 15 million citizens who buy our agricultural products and for an Italian who led supera1, 5 billion euro.

But in that situation in the province of Arezzo in relation to the promotion of this initiative? In short, what is Amica Campaign on our territory? Here intervenes directly to the Director of Coldiretti Arezzo, Mario Rossi: “Under the coordination of the company that called Agrimercato – he explains – and that carries out the project Campagna Amica in our province, we have 90 companies that are friendly campaign farms, 20 cottages , 2 shops and 15 markets, of which 8 are stable. ” According to Rossi, “these numbers represent an excellent starting point for further revitalization of an industry that is increasingly finding positive response in the audience of citizens, consumers increasingly aware and informed.”

For the restaurant “Babette Tuscan Trattoria” of Castiglion Fiorentino, where the event is held and which presents itself as the first restaurant in the countryside of the Valdichiana friend, to join the network of Coldiretti has been a shift automatic, given the tradition of the structure. The owners always explain that the menu has traditional dishes or revisited, but based exclusively on local products. The products are all made in Tuscany, but with an eye to excellence in Arezzo.


Discussion meeting organized by the Bank Valdichiana. “Year 2014: are we really emerging from the crisis? “

Discussion meeting organized by the Bank Valdichiana. “Year 2014: are we really  emerging from the crisis? “


Is a  view of a strong attention to the area in which it operates and in the belief that it is necessary to look together for new strategies and opportunities to get out of the crisis that the Bank has decided to promote the Chiana Valley, right in the first months of the year, two meetings on the topic “Year 2014: we’re really coming out of the crisis? Let’s talk together. “

The first meeting will take place in Camucia, Friday, April 11 to 17 at the branch of the Banca Valdichiana Viale Gramsci, 30/32. The meeting is sponsored by Bank  Valdichiana and are invited to join the representatives of institutions and business associations, operators and entrepreneurs, shareholders and customers of the Senese and Umbrian territory of competence of the Bank.

“The target – explains the President of the Banca Valdichiana, Mara Moretti – is first of all understand the real situation, the difficulties and problems that operators are still living, and then together identify strategies to be implemented jointly, to seize new opportunities recovery and resumption of the territory. “

Banca Valdichiana of the rest  is the bank of the territory and is part of its DNA attention to the needs of families and businesses. “Proof of this – said the Director Fulvio Benicchi – the strategies implemented also in 2013 to support the credit plafond in support of specific consumption and investment, as well as ad hoc support for crisis situations related to the bad weather.”

“These initiatives, combined with strategies always sound and prudent management – continues the director Benicchi –  have allowed the Bank Valdichiana to record good results in the year that has just ended, as you quoted from the 2013 Budget that we are closing in these days. In particular, there was a consolidation of volume growth with the Harvesting,  especially Direct and positive sign of Jobs, compared to a national average negative. As far as the profit is higher than the previous year and also the Bank obtains, thanks to strong credit risk provisions, a consolidation of the Patrimony and Solvency ratios are particularly important in view of Basel 3. “

Banca Valdichiana

Fam Trip to Castiglion Fiorentino Tuscany May 29th June 1st

Fam Trip to Castiglion Fiorentino Tuscany May 29th June 1st



Travel Agents, Journalist and Bloggers fam trip –

May 29th – June 1st 2014

Tell about the new renaissance Castiglion FIorentino, the little town located between Florence and Perugia, in the Valdichiana, valley that Romans used to consider the wheat belt of Italy . This is the goal of the tourist board of the town that invited some of the best bloggers of the web, world travel agents, and journalists.

#CastiglioniLive is the name of the event that will start May 29th until June 1st 2014.

During the 3 days we will focus on Art, History, Architecture, Folklore, Food, Wine, and Environment.

RSVP must be received by May 15th 2014. The organization ensures all participants:

Stay in tourist board members accommodations

Transfers from Castiglion Fiorentino train station to the accommodation and to the events

Food, wine, accomodations and events are offered by Castiglion Fiorentino Tourist Board

For info:


Twitter: In Cast. Fiorentino@InCFiorentio

Contact us to book your fam trip


Bloggers Tour Program– May 29th – June 1st 2014

Thursday May 29th

4pm Check in your accommodation

5pm meeting to Aviosuperficie Serristori flight experience over the area you will visit in the following days.

6.30pm free time

8pm dinner Residence Serristori

Friday May 30th

10am Discovering the town of Brolio, walking in the hillside and visit to the Etruscan archeological site with the Archeological board of the town.

11.30am free time

1pm lunch to Casale di Brolio

3.30pm Guided visit to the Castle of Montecchio

5pm free time

8,30pm Aperitivo and dinner at Villa Schiatti

After the dinner, local Artists will expose their creations

Saturday May 31st

10.30am Guided visit to Valle di Chio and breakfast to Agriturismo Le Capanne

12.00pm free time

1.00pm lunch at Casali in Val di Chio

3.30pm Visit to textile and renovation studio of Rosalba Pepi

4.30pm Visit to the renovation studio in the church of Santucce

6.00pm aperitivo at Residence “Le Santucce”

6.30pm free time

8.30pm Access and dinner to the Medieval Festival


Suday June 1st

10.00am Visit to Castiglion Fiorentino. Breakfast at Caffè La Posta

10.30am visit to the town Etruscan museum, to the town tower

12.00pm free time

1.00pm lunch at Roggi.

3.30pm Check out

Info : Lidia +39 335 8365442

TUSCANEASY: Starts the cycle of conferences on accessible tourism. Cast Feb. 25. Pal. S. Michele

TUSCANEASY: Starts the cycle of conferences on accessible tourism. Cast Feb. 25. Pal. S. Michele


After Foiano della Chiana ” TuscanEasy ” , a project dedicated to accessible tourism , arrives in Castiglion Fiorentino . The event is scheduled for next Tuesday at 11 am at St. Michael’s Palace .On this occasion, the details will be presented and opportunities of the project which aims to make goals, places and tourist services more congenial to the needs of people with special needs through a plan of action articulated.

“The Beautiful and the Good for All”: this is the philosophy that gave birth to “Tuscaneasy” while promoting new opportunities for business and employment.

Destinations, infrastructure and services without barriers of access, transport, suitable for all users high quality services by qualified and trained personnel, activities, exhibitions, events, attractions that allow the disabled tourist use; reservation systems, websites and web services, information available to everyone.

The presentation meeting is open to all with particular attention to economic operators, Associations cultural, social and sporting activities of the area, in addition to the public institutions of the territory.

Competition for the realization of the Palio banner. Delivery by March 31, 2014

Competition for the realization of the Palio banner. Delivery by March 31, 2014


Competition for the realization of the Palio banner for the edition 2014.

                                          Town of Castiglion Fiorentino – Associazione Pro Loco

                                             Notice of ideas for the realization of the Palio 2014


Art. 1- Launching the competition of ideas for the creation of the banner of Palio by fabric painting that will be awarded to the winner of District 2014 edition of the Palio itself.

Art. 2 – The competition is aimed at all those who have reached eighteen years of age. They are also eligible to participate in the students of The Art Institutes and schools and classes related side effects, without constraint of age.

Article 3 The realization of the subject depicted in the proposed Palio by the candidates have to be based on the correct correspondence with the historical, religious and folkloric manifestation of the “Palio dei Rioni” dedicated to Madonna delle Grazie of Rivaio. Candidates will have therefore read up on the history of the race from its origins to today. To this end, will benefit from the collaboration and the material in the possession of the City, the Pro Loco and Cultural Institution and educational Castiglionese. The candidates, upon request, may inspect the Palio banners belonging to the past editions and exhibited in venues rionali. The representation of the Madonna delle Grazie of Rivaio is exposed at the church in Castiglione Fiorentino.

Art. 4 – The comp image proposed form must include the colors of the three Rioni of Castiglione, the image of the Madonna, the name of the town of Castiglion Fiorentino and the year of the event. The designs proposals should be rigorously carried out with the technical manual. In the event of failure to comply, even partial, of the requirements of the designs will be excluded from the competition.

Art. 5 – Candidates must submit a sketch of the Palio of the minimum size of 21×30 cm with attached a report on the significance of the proposed subject. This material, together with the curriculum vitae of the candidate himself placed in a special envelope, must be mailed or delivered by hand to the Office Pro Loco selection of Castiglion Fiorentino by Monday 31 March 2014 through a special envelope addressed to the President of of the Pro Loco. Will make be the postmark and the Office Pro Loco is not responsible for delays or postal

The sketch and the report must be received by anonymously. Not signed works will be accepted. The personal data including name, telephone number, e-mail address will have only be indicated in the CV. Participation in the competition, the candidate agrees to the acceptance of this Regulation which can not be opposed no objection or reservation.

Art. 6 – The works received will be reviewed by a Selection Committee composed as follows:

- Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Castiglione Fiorentino

- Councillor of Palio

- Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Castiglione Fiorentino

- President Pro Loco of Castiglion Fiorentino

- A member of the Board of Directors of the Institution Cultural and Educational Castiglionese

- An art expert.

The Commission will publish the winner’s name by Saturday, April 5, 2014. The judges’ decision will be final.

Art. 7 – The winner will receive immediate notification by registered letter or email with your request and instructions for the implementation of the proposed project on the comp image and further definitive agreements.

The actual sizes of the banner finished (including velvet frames the painting) will have be 90×150 cm, made with indelible paint technique. The winner will have to deliver the work day without fail by Monday, May 26, 2014. The same will be presented at a press conference and during the Gara Musici e Sbandieratori to be held Saturday, June 7, 2014, to which the artist winner agrees to participate. The winner authorizes the organizers of the Palio dei Rioni the use and dissemination of data and information contained in your resume.


It will be widely disseminated through print, radio, TV, the Internet and the winning of the curriculum vitae of the artist who will be the guest of honor at the 2014 edition of the Palio dei Rioni.


Pro Loco Castiglion Fiorentino – 0575658278 –

Piazza Risorgimento, 19 -52043 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR)

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