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The ProLoco and propose GECO “Val di Chio Bike-green ways to explore the area.”

The ProLoco and propose GECO “Val di Chio Bike-green ways to explore the area.”


Sunday, May 12, 2013 at the Teatro Comunale di Castiglion Fiorentino, in the Conference “Tourism-Territory-Work”, at 18.30 will be presented the project “Val di Chio Bike-green ways to explore the area” which participates in the Notice of Tuscany Region “Development of cycling: the development of cycle routes and inter-regional interest.” The Association and the Association ProLoco GECO, which always propose the development, enhancement and growth of our territory, firmly convinced that this project of the Region of Tuscany represents a secure promotion for our land, joined the announcement, with the collaboration of Studio ARCHE ‘. The project involves the implementation of the cognitive framework of mobility Tuscan with the construction of trails and cycling paths from existing routes. The Val di Chio, connected on one side with the Path of Reclamation and the other with the Umbrian border, the area becomes “natural” for a tour of interprovincial interest, both for the richness and variety of the landscape, both for the historical aspects cultural present.


association ProLoco

association G.E.C.O

Castiglion Fiorentino celebrates the patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel Wednesday, May 8

Castiglion Fiorentino celebrates the patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel Wednesday, May 8


“Protection and Promotion of the Territory Resource Development of a Sustainable Tourism”

“Protection and Promotion of the Territory Resource Development of a Sustainable Tourism”


“Protection and Promotion of the Territory Resource Development of a Sustainable Tourism”, the experiences of women entrepreneurs. And ‘this is the title of the conference that the District Centre FIDAPA, the Italian Federation of Women Arts Profession Business, arranges for Saturday, May 4, 10 am, at the Teatro Comunale di Castiglion Fiorentino. “The conference – said Alma Rosa Pierozzi President FIDAPA Section Val di Chiana – intends to present entrepreneurial initiatives in the province of Arezzo and promote a debate on the relationship between business and local. It aims to present – he concludes – even those business initiatives that promote tourism that takes into account the resources and how these resources are managed in order to protect the environment to promote international tourism. ” The meeting will also address Lidia Castellucci, President of the Association of Tour Operators Castiglion Fiorentino. Will address the topic: Making network to promote our territory. The surgery is scheduled for the afternoon.




10.00 – Introduces Alessandra Menci

Component Committee on Environment and Tourism

F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY – District center


Institutional Greetings

Coordinator Alma Rosa Pierozzi

President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY Val di Chiana


Eufemia Ippolito

National President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY


Rossella Poce

President District center F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY


Luigi Bittoni

Mayor of Castiglion Fiorentino


Andrea Vignini

President of the Conference of Mayors of the Val di Chiana Arezzo


Rosetta Roselli

Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission Province of Arezzo


Regional and Provincial Perspectives


Vincenzo Ceccarelli

Councillor for Transport and Infrastructure Tuscany Region


Andrea Cutini

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Environment, Ecology and Energy, Agriculture and Forestry and coordination of promotional activities Province of Arezzo


Rita Mezzetti Panozzi

Councillor for Cultural Heritage, Education and Tourism Province of Arezzo


Section I

coordinates Nicoletta Narducci

President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. Arezzo ITALY


11.00 – Territory Environment and Landscape between protection and enhancement


Tessa Matteini

President A.I.A.P.P. Sections Tuscana Umbria Marche

“The architecture of the landscape and the active conservation of historic landscapes”


Rossella Ricci

Counselor Association of Architects P.P.C. Province of Arezzo

“The territory of the province of Arezzo and its resources”


Marta Ciampelli

Major State Forestry

“The environmental heritage of culture and opportunity”


Anna Lapini

President Confcommercio Arezzo

“Tourism as a development of the Territory”


Section II

Coordinator Lina Giorgi

President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY Casentino


12.00 – Revalorization Territory


Giulio Cesare Giordano

President C.I.C.C.

“Water, Landscape and Land”


Francesco Marinelli

Authentic Villages of Italy

“Authentic Villages of Italy a development model for small municipalities Italian”


Roberta Tosi

President Oros Tourism Cooperative Environmental

“Environmental Tourism: management experience in the Casentino territory”


13.00 – Sara Rapini – Boys Association Special



Coordinator Angela Notaro

President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY Valdarno


14.45 – Revalorization Territory

Alessandra Valenti

Socia F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY Valdarno

“Protection and enhancement: a possible development”


Lidia Castellucci

President, Association of Tour Operators Castiglion Fiorentino

“Making Network to promote our territory”


Section III

Coordinator Alma Rosa Pierozzi

President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY Val di Chiana


15.15 hours – The support of world public and private financial


Giorgio Del Pace

Vice GAL Consortium Apennines Aretino

“Opportunities for sustainable development”


Fulvio Benicchi

Bank General Manager Val di Chiana

“Agriculture and the environment: the contribution of Chiana Valley Bank to sustainable economic development in Val di Chiana”


15.45 – Communication Plan and debate


Enrica Romani Confagricoltura Arezzo

Francesca Mondovecchio Esafarma

Angela Giordano Lanificio Stia

Valentina Giovannini Educational Farms

Carmelina Cicchiello Coldiretti Arezzo


16.30 Conclusions


Rossella Poce

President District center F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY


Eufemia Ippolito

National President F.I.D.A.P.A. B.P.W. ITALY


Two walks with G.E.C.O. The first on April 25 according to the May 4, party Mammi.

Two walks with G.E.C.O. The first on April 25 according to the May 4, party Mammi.


The G.E.C.O. produces 2 appointments. The first is scheduled for 25 April and the big star will be the bycicle along with the campaign. It is an ecological walk in Val di Chiana along the path of Reclamation. The track is about 30 km and is easy practicability. It is open to all, young and old, with any type of bicycle. At the end of the walk a special buffet for all participants. The meeting is scheduled at 9 am at the restaurant “La Nave”. If you decide to stay for lunch the cost is 18 Euros, while the cost is only € 5 for participation in the sbicilettata. The second event, May 4th, is scheduled for the party to Mammi. The meeting is scheduled at the church of Mammi for 15 hours. The route called “Oak Guglielma” is of medium difficulty. After two and a half hours to walk there will be the possibility of rinfocillarsi thanks to the food stalls looked after by the district formwork. At 19 there will be a holy mass.

Chiana Valley Bank: at the start of the project “TREA – Agriculture, Food and Agriculture, and Environment.”

Chiana Valley Bank: at the start of the project “TREA – Agriculture, Food and Agriculture, and Environment.”


“For a local bank that as the Cooperative Credit Bank Val di Chiana Tuscan-Umbrian was born as Raiffeisen over one hundred years ago, it is natural to start from a strong support to the primary sector to address the current economic crisis, by providing those already in the field and those who want to start a new business tools such as, expert advice and funding. “To say this has been the President Mara Moretti and Vice-President Carlo  Capeglioni of BCC based in Chiusi, opening up the work of the conferences of the new project” Three A – Agriculture, Agribusiness, Environment “held on April 11 and April 16 in Cortona to Chiusi two occasions to meet with entrepreneurs throughout the area of responsibility of the Bank between the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Perugia. In addition to the history of the Bank and a region characterized by many typical products of the highest quality, the reasons for this project are also in the fact that agriculture and agri-food sectors that are better held to the crisis and that most seem to attract young people looking employment, with enrollment in the colleges and the Faculty of Agriculture who have grown strongly in recent times (an increase of about 30%). And ‘why Chiana Valley Bank has decided to launch the project and to do so in collaboration with the two companies of the Group Credit Cooperative – BIT SpA and ICCREA BancaImpresa SpA – which specialize in consulting in the three areas related to the primary financial support and also a major investment. “Faced with an economic situation, – said the director of Chiana Valley Bank Fulvio Benicchi concluding the two meetings – which has had serious repercussions in our own area of expertise in sectors such as construction and its supply chain, agriculture and the ‘food have been shown to better withstand the difficulties. For this the Bank and its Board of Directors have decided to start this journey, making themselves available for young people (even with training in schools of the territory) and entrepreneurs, offering the best of its Group in terms of advice and funding and staying next to them in seeking isieme the best way to react to problems. “On how to resist to the crisis in concrete if you are farmers or you are starting an activity of this kind, some indications have been given as part of the conferences by Mauro Conti, director of BIT SpA: “First of all, – he said – it would be appropriate to focus on exports also to non-traditional markets, also orient themselves more and more on the quality of the products, choose the environmental and energy sustainability, prefer the diversity of products and above all pursue the aggregation. ” “Making the system – has underlined Conti – is an essential way for farmers in this area, often of small or very small, if they want to deal with broader markets, national or international.” For all this, both to facilitate the aggregations that to understand how to develop the export overcoming the barriers of different regulations, or to improve energy efficiency or even to interact better with the large-scale distribution, Chiana Valley Bank is able BIT SpA and through this I plan to offer to local businesses, consulting and specialized experience. And if the companies want to introduce innovation that requires significant investments, financial support, as pointed out by Attilio peaks during the meetings, it is guaranteed by Iccrea BancaImpresa always present next to Bank Chiana and then to businesses. Great interest was shown for the project farmers present at the two meetings that have witnessed with their actions all the difficulties caused by the crisis, but also to the bureaucracy in the sector and thus accepting the proposals with enthusiasm. Interest was also shown by the representatives of associations and institutions, in particular in Chiusi by Mayor Stephen Scaramelli and Claudio Del Re, director of the Region of Tuscany, who spoke of a new project aimed to enable young people to start new businesses in these areas by making available unused land of the Region: a regional project that could find important points of interaction with the one just launched by the Bank theValdichiana with BIT and ICCREA BancaImpresa.

The event will be dedicated to work. Cookies Show, May 18 Piazza Municipio, edited dell’AOTC

The event will be dedicated to work. Cookies Show, May 18 Piazza Municipio, edited dell’AOTC


Presented the festival entitled “May to Castiglion Fiorentino.” It is a dear and traditional meeting that this year is renewed from the name. For the first time, the event will be dedicated to work and as stated by the commissioner Guido Albucci “will be declined in many facets.” Will, in fact, more than 50 events are scheduled during the event. Exhibitions, shows, conferences, tourism, folklore and sports. Many, also, the initiatives that they see the active participation of many associations and reality of Castiglione area. There will also be the Trade Fair. Companies exhibiting at the Foro Boario but for one day only, May 1. Sunday, May 5 along the streets of Old Town, will be attending the stalls of over 70 exhibitors at the Fair Market is that the Exchange Exhibition of Products Antiques and Crafts.

Here is the detailed program.

Trade shows:
May 1-June 30
Exhibition of paintings and sculpture “Castiglion Fiorentino Contemporary”
Town Hall and Church of St. Philip
Raffaello Lucci May 1 to May 15
Adriano Maraldi – Luciano Navacchia May 16-May 31
Ferruccio Gard-Angelo Rinaldi June 1 to June 30

May 1 to 15
Exhibition of painting and graphics “StraCastiglioni (and not only …)”
Gabriele Menci
Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Theatre – Via Behind the Walls

May 1 to 15
Photo exhibition “Masks Baroque in a medieval village”
by the Circle Photo Castiglionese
Cloister of St. Francis
Opening May 1 at 11 am

May 1 to 15
Exhibition of paintings by Laura Rinaldini
Italian Course n ° 74

May 1 to 5
Show-Workshop “The dyed yarn”
Daniela Panariello
Laboratory dyeing wool – May 4, 16.30
Opening hours 10-12.30 and 16-19
Italian Course 86

May 1 to 31
Contemporary art exhibition of painting, sculpture and graphics
Tommaso Musarra
Piazza San Francesco  1

May 18 to June 2
Show Rosalba Pepi
“A stitch embroidery strand-Catherine de Medici”
Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Theatre
Via Behind the Walls
Opening Saturday, May 18 at 17
Hours: weekdays 17-19 hours
Saturday and Sunday 10-12 and 16-19

Saturday, May 25
Presentation of the book “Catherine de ‘Medici, a running stitch embroidery” by Sabrina Massini
Saletta reduced Theatre 18 hours
Saturday, June 1st and Sunday 2nd June at 17 – 19
Demonstration and practical course work free
April 25 to May 31
Show “Lightness”
Collective painting by Mauro Capitani – Sergio Scatizzi-Franca Livi Limoni
the headquarters of the Foundation “AD SIDERA” – Corso Italia 41
from Friday to Sunday 16-19 hours
Opening Thursday, April 25 at 18

“Exhibition of paintings by Luno”
Permanent showroom Lucia Nocentini
Via San Michele 4/6

May 1 to May 19
Photo exhibition “Hands stretched to Sierra Leone”
by the association “Solidarity in good hands”
Cloister of St. Francis

May 1-June 16
Show of civilization
Cellars of the House Lorenzetti
Italian Course 92



May 1
Basketball: Tournament eaglets
Sports center Montecchio Vesponi
organized by the School of Basketball Castiglion Fiorentino

May 2 to 12
Open Tournament 2013 – Men’s Singles 2.5/4.1 and 2.5/4.3 Female
by the Tennis Club Fontesecca

May 4
Feast of the Holy Cross in Mammi
Lunch offered by the Society of Mammi 8.45
Walk away by GECO, Ass.ProLoco and Ward formwork 15.30
Mass – memory of rionali biancoazzurri disappeared 19 hours
Before dinner in the open air season 20 hours

May 4
“14th Trofeo Menci Spa” Under 23 amateur bicycle race / Elite
By the Cycling Association Castiglionese
Porta Fiorentina 14 hours

May 5
11 ° Trofeo Fans Club Daniele Bennati-Cycling race for Juniors from 7 to 12 years
in collaboration with G.S.Olimpia Valdarnese
Track Montecchio Vesponi: Meeting at 14 – departure at 16

May 12
Finals Volleyball Regional Championship Under-13 – 18 teams from all over Tuscany
Sports Hall at 15-20

May 15-June 15
Youth soccer tournament “Emanuele Faralli” 24th Edition
Stadio Comunale 18 hours

May 19
Podismo: “Run to the Boscatello”
Running race for adults and youth
By the Association Podistica “The Campino”
20 ° Trofeo Pasta Fabianelli
11 ° Trofeo Paolo Pierini
4 ° Trofeo AVIS Castiglion Fiorentino
Loc Boscatello 8 am meeting
9.15am departure categories adults and fun walk open to all motor
10.45 starting junior categories

May 19
16 ° Raduno Fiat 500 and derivatives – Cars and motorcycles
By the Terziere Porta Fiorentina
Piazza Risorgimento 8 am Registration
10 am start for sightseeing tour


May 24
“6th Memorial Cesare Cappelletti”
Football tournament between the teams that saw him as protagonist
Sports facility Boscatello 18 hours

May 26
Trekking to the Park of Comunanze (Pian Caciolo)
Departure at 9
edited by G.E.C.O.

May 30
Essay of the students of the courses of rhythmic gymnastics
Sports Hall from 21
organized by Asd Rhythmic Gymnastics Cortona


May 1 to May 31
Corner “Fair Play”
Screening of some historical editions of the “Fair Play Award Maecenas’ and photo exhibition
At the premises of the former Margaritone, via the Court

May 4
“Protection and enhancement of the resource area for the development of sustainable tourism.
Experiences of female entrepreneurship “
Conference sponsored by Fidapa
Teatro Comunale 10 hours

May 5
The Historical Archive: extraordinary visit to a hidden heritage of Castiglion Fiorentino
by the Cultural and Educational Institution Castiglionese
Piazza del Comune 16.30

May 9
Concert by pupils of the Comprehensive Sansepolcro
Twinning with the Comprehensive School “D.Alighieri” of Castiglion Fiorentino
Teatro Comunale 11.30

May 10
Conference sponsored by CNA Confartigianato Arezzo
“The young enterprise. Dialogue between young people out of work and entrepreneurship “
Interventions of the students of High School and IPSIA of Castiglion Fiorentino
Teatro Comunale 10 hours

May 11
High School Matinees by Isis “Giovanni da Castiglione”
Round table “exorcising the crisis”
Church of the College 10 hours
May 18
“Jeux d’eau. Dialogue between a physicist and a poet”
Church of the College 11 hours
May 24
“The fault is always the devil”, theatrical performance – Piazza del Collegio

May 12
“TableTour, the interactive guide of Castiglion Fiorentino”
organized by the Association “common objective” in collaboration with Banca Popolare di Cortona

“Val di Chio Bike” – green ways to discover the territory
Presentation of the project by the architect A.Carta, GECO and Ass.ProLoco
Teatro Comunale 17 hours

May 18
The European Night of Museums
Presentation of the restoration of the two tables “Enthroned Madonna and Child with St. Catherine of Alexandria” by Giovanni di Paolo. By Paola Cardinali
Church of Sant’Angelo to the formwork 18 hours

May 19
“The body and mind”
Trekking among the churches of the old town Castiglione Minor
Check out the Town Hall Square 16 hours
Edited by ICEC and ASL 8

May 25
“We want to Day Zero”
by the students of the Comprehensive D. Alighieri, in collaboration with UNICEF
Public Gardens hours 9-13

May 25
Bank Conference ValdiChiana
“For 10 years Castiglion Fiorentino for work, development, conservation
Teatro Comunale 17.30

May 26
“Tea at the Museum”
Conference “200 years evergreen” – Rapporteur Nicola Menci
Municipal Museum 16.45

May 27
Presentation of the book “Bubble Glass” written by Barbara Boschi and illustrated by Adriano Maraldi
In the presence of primary school pupils
Municipal Theatre


May 7
Concert of the Philharmonic Castiglionese in honor of the Patron Saint Michael
College Square at 21

May 11
“Quelli del Murello” present “Your words to the wind”
Association “Augustus for life” with Rosanna Fatuzzi, Marco Bezzi, Gianluca Tagliavini
Teatro Comunale 21 hours

May 31
Closing concert del Maggio Castiglionese of Maestro Luigi Tanganelli
In collaboration with Fidapa Chiana and patronage of the Municipality
Municipal Theatre


May 1
Trade Fair “in May Castiglionese”
Foro Boario, full day

May 1
Fair Market
Piazza Matteotti-Viale Marconi, full day

May 1
Exchange Exhibition of Antiques and Crafts
Old Town, full day

May 5
Fair Market
Foro Boario, Piazza Matteotti, Viale Marconi, full day

May 4
“In the face of St. Philip: Serristori from Porta Romana”, a reenactment of the investiture and dinner
edited by Ward Porta Romana

May 5
Tribute to St. Philip’s Historical Group archers of Arezzo Chimera
Race of archery in Porta Romana

May 8
Celebrating St. Michael, the patron saint of Castiglion Fiorentino
Ward Porta Romana
18 hours
Step Religious procession
“The voice”, the first edition of singing performance
“Danzart”, exhibition dance school
Food stands in collaboration with the Committee of the Feast of The Ship and pizza feast of sweet
Musical entertainment with the accordions of Pamela and Martina. Dj set with Daniel Porcini, vocalist Simona Noccioletti
21 hours
Relay of the districts in collaboration with the Association Running “The Campino”
22 hours
Final exhibition “The voice”, singing contest and award relay
Parade of the Procession of the Districts

May 10-11-12
May 16-17-18-19
36th Feast of the Boar edited by G.S. Wild boar hunting – Castiglion Fiorentino
Foro Boario

May 18
Cookie show
in the Town Hall Square
Natural Ways shopping center of Castiglion Fiorentino
cooking demonstrations and tastings various
Edited by AOTC, Institute Vegni-Capezzine, Pasta Fabianelli

May 24-25-26-31
1 to 2 June
Medieval Feast XII biancazzurra
by the District formwork
Square of the formwork

May 25
“Medieval Banquet” XIth edition
Terziere by the Porta Fiorentina
Cloister of St. Francis 20.00

May 26
Exchange Exhibition “cabinet in the streets”
by Association ProLoco
Old Town, full day

Fair Play Award: presented the 17th edition to be held in Cast 1, 2 and 3 July.

Fair Play Award: presented the 17th edition to be held in Cast 1, 2 and 3 July.


The organizational machine has already been set in motion for the seventeenth edition of the International Prize “Fair Play” Maecenas that this year will change location. It will in fact Castiglion Fiorentino to host an event that will present some new features for the 2013 edition, but not in the form and values of ethics and fair play that marked the awards of more than 250 characters in these 17 years have trod the stage suggestive . One of these is precisely the aspect of communication and visibility of the Prize “Fair Play” which in recent years has emphasized the Arezzo area. This is also one of the reasons that allowed the organizing committee to get the sponsorship and the beginning of a collaboration with Confindustria Arezzo. “The Fair Play Award Maecenas – explains the President Angelo Morelli – now in its seventeenth edition, has become more and more a point of reference and discussion in relation to the concepts and purpose that you are responsible regarding ethical behavior, loyalty, fair play not only in sport but also in civil society. This commitment is particularly directed at young people, and this year in particular involves them through numerous initiatives. We are pleased and honored that this year Confindustria Arezzo has granted the patronage of the event, which allows you to activate a future collaboration aimed at improving aspects that link the purpose of the award to the business world and society.
Significant also the realization of the new site that aims to become a reference point not only the prize but with the concept of Fair Play at the international level.
Last but not least the new location and the new scenario that will see for the tenth consecutive year the presence of RAI SPORT for an important promotion of the territory. “” The intent and purpose of this initiative, now in its seventeenth year, is commendable: ethics and fair play are two core values not only in sports but also in civil society and in the economic world – explains Andrea Fabianelli, President of Confindustria Arezzo – we decided to sponsor the Fair Play Award Maecenas to highlight and emphasize the importance basic values that unite the two worlds. If we want, sport, such as the enterprise, is a philosophy of life that emphasizes a harmonious physical strength, will and spirit. Both, along with culture and education, create a lifestyle based on discipline, the educational value of good example and respect fundamental ethical principles, trying to help improve the future of society. ” At the headquarters of Confindustria was also presented the new website of the Prize “Fair Play”, a further step towards an international event that will help the name of Arezzo to be known in the world and will allow users to interact with the Committee organizer with the ability to vote through their PC, tablet or smartphone, one of the athletes vying for the prize. Castiglion Fiorentino is an event that in addition to animate the summer 2013 will allow the Municipality of the Chiana Valley to expand its own name and raise awareness of its artistic beauty. “Hosting for the first time the Fair Play Award is for our City a great bet after the two historic homes of Arezzo and Cortona – says Guido Albucci, Department of Culture of Castiglion Fiorentino. We have not ripped anything to anyone. If anything, the prize has found fertile ground, and by the city administration’s interest to ensure that the Fair Play becomes a manifestation par excellence of Castiglion Fiorentino to boost the country’s image. In this regard, to provide the logistics to make unique awards ceremony in the square of the Keep. “To believe in the ethical values of sport and promoted by the” Fair Play “Estra also present at the press conference at the headquarters of Confindustria and has chosen to support the seventeenth edition of the Prize. Among the partnerships that will liven up the event Castiglion Fiorentino also the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo that this year, as in previous editions of the “Fair Play” since 1997, will contribute to spread the message of the Prize.
Press “Fair Play”

Last year were 25,214, + 5.61%, attendance in extra-hotel facilities.

Last year were 25,214, + 5.61%, attendance in extra-hotel facilities.


More and more tourists choose to spend their holidays in extra-hotel facilities of Castiglion Fiorentino. Attendance, compared to last year, increased by 5.61%. You go from 23,875 visitors in 2011 to 25,214 in 2012. 1339 more admissions, therefore, an increase, as mentioned, of 5.61%. But the news is more comforting than the domestic market. In fact, cottages and vacation rentals in Castiglione come more and more Italians, + 38.26%. Same trend for foreigners although here the percentage is lower, + 3.97%. And if you assemble the data arrivals of tourists both foreign and domestic is an increase of 14.06%. In particular, the percentage rise in arrivals in the month of June, which is in the 3 winter months, January, February and March. The first came with a + 7.34%, while there was an excellent + 71.19% in February. But “if you want that tourism continues to be one of the strengths of our economy – says Lidia Castellucci President of the Association of Tour Operators Castiglion Fiorentino – is necessary to update certain criteria and match supply to demand. Now the tourist is hysteresis in a ‘multi-interest’. Travel throughout the year, is very mobile, and he wants to meet all its curiosity but also wants to services and facilities next to a fair value. In order to fulfill such requirements is, therefore, essential to an upgrading of the infrastructure, the use of a network of services efficiently and a high degree of professionalism “.
The only sour note comes from the hotel sector in 2012, which unfortunately experiences significant declines. There is talk of a – 24% for Italians and a – 12% for foreigners.
On 2 April, the Association of Tour Operators of Castiglion Fiorentino has celebrated its first year of life. And in its hypothetical cake shone over 12 thousand candles. 12,516, to be precise. One for every tourist who last year stayed in the country of the tower of the keep. German, Dutch, American, and not only crowned Castiglion Fiorentino as the ideal place to spend your holidays. Usually we are held three days but there are some, the lucky ones, has also booked for one or even two weeks. Novelty the arrival of tourists from countries in greatest economic expansion as Australia, Russia, Brazil and South Africa. In short, despite the crisis, these numbers tell a favorable tourist season well hope for the next summer just around the corner. It is therefore time to contribute, each according to his ability, to the strengthening and development of the industry. You have to think of tourism as an important economic activity for the development of the territory and the employment opportunities it can offer. The practical example we have only had a few months ago when just the A.O.T.C. has signed an agreement with the High School “John Castiglione” in Castiglion Fiorentino for a number of internship. “A great opportunity – concludes the President – and for us, owners of facilities, which for young students.” Tourism is one of the most important of contemporary society and is now destined to become an industry leading in all modern economies and the primary source of income and employment in many countries of the world. And it is for this reason that it is necessary to disclose a new “culture of tourism”. Tourism is also to offer both practical guidelines and opportunities for young people and people who want to design their professional future in tourism.

Fair Play: The A.O.T.C. convene a meeting with the social and economic fabric of the country.

Fair Play: The A.O.T.C. convene a meeting with the social and economic fabric of the country.


Fair play is synonymous with loyalty. And today more than ever this rule, even if not written, it must take the form of an official engagement in everyday life, as in sports. Too much violence inside and outside the stadiums. Too much hatred is unleashed to defend the colors of a flag. Too many scenes of madness that are consumed in the streets. To seek, therefore, to make a stop to all this and then to disseminate the fundamental themes of fair play, loyalty in sports, was established 16 years ago the international award “Fair Play Maecenas.” First there was Arezzo, Cortona then and now the event has resulted in Castiglion Fiorentino. 1, 2 and 3 July in the town of Torre del Cassero there will be a real parade of big names in the world of sports. Examples of life for the tenacity with which they have achieved excellent results in sports for loyal behavior that they have taken on and off the playing fields. Naming is the strictest confidentiality even when it comes to characters of international importance. As the Deputy Minister of Sports and Culture Russian. And yesterday afternoon, just the will of the Association of Tour Operators of Castiglione Fiorentino, a meeting was held which was attended by both representatives of some of the charities that the council as well as traders. “For the success of the event so complex and problematic from the point of view of logistics – he said Lidia Castellucci President AOTC – We need everyone’s help. I castiglionesi, each according to their means, they should participate in the organization. Fair Play has become the manifestation of the entire community. ” The event, in fact, could turn into a sort of springboard for the local economy, now more than ever on standby. A national and international spotlight for the entire territory and for its excellence where the winners will become ambassadors themselves hospitality of Castiglion Fiorentino. “We found the resources – announced Guido Albucci councilor for marketing and promotion, tourism development area – to keep museums open. We also thought the project, during the ‘May Castiglionese’ a video that tells who he is and what was the event in all these years. ” “On 12 June – said Angelo Morelli organizer of the Fair Play – will host the national conference at the Hall of Honor of the cones. We will also be guests at some television networks RAI “. The festival, which in 16 years has rewarded many as 230 athletes and not only will a tribute to Fabrizio Meoni, the unforgettable centaur castiglionese died in 2005 during the Paris-Dakar motor rally the world’s most popular. And there will be a special memory for Pietro Mennea, the sprinter who died recently became Olympic champion in 1980 and world record holder for the 200 meter dash 1979 to 1996 with a time of 19 “72. During the ceremony will be on July 3, then , many awards for initiatives and behaviors important in areas that bind civil society and sports that embody high moral values in the Fair Play. Prize, today a reference point at an international level, combining sport, culture and society. A ‘unique opportunity whose protagonists as well as large national and international personalities including the town of Castiglion Fiorentino.

Program Event

June 5, 2013 Awards competition 2013 for Elementary Schools, Middle and Superior of the Province of Arezzo CEREMONY DELIVERY SCHOLARSHIPS

June 12, 2013 PRESS CONFERENCE ROME – Hall of Honor CONI

1st July 2013 – 17.00 Square City Castiglion Fiorentino 100 against 100 VOLLEYBALL

July 2, 2013 20:00 Piazza del Comune di Castiglion Fiorentino GALA DINNER

July 3, 2013 – 9:30 am Teatro Comunale Castiglion Fiorentino – Workshop “SPORT MODEL OF LIFE” Topics: Formal Education and Sports – Sports and integration

Up Next: Presentation FAIR PLAY TEAM printing

17.00 Villa Schiatti OFFICIAL RECEPTION

21.00 square of the formwork – Castiglion Fiorentino – 17th edition of the International Prize “FAIR PLAY” Maecenas

Sunday, April 14 release of the new G.E.C.O. of Castiglion It’s called the “Yawn.”

Sunday, April 14 release of the new G.E.C.O. of Castiglion It’s called the “Yawn.”


After the success of the first issue, the Gecko (Group Hikers Castiglionesi Organized) proposes a second excursion. This is the walk “At Yawn”, scheduled for Sunday, April 14. But be careful with the word “yawn” is not given the mood of the participants (do not worry the alarm will not sound certainly dawn!) But simply an enchanted place. In fact, the departure is scheduled for 8:45 am at Piazzale Garibaldi and the trip provides a route for a period of about 2 hours. The caravan of the hikers will address the various and modest ups and downs Apparita of Cozzano, the yawn, of course, and Boscatello. The return is at around 11:45 or so.

For more information, please contact the office of the Pro Loco di Castiglion Fiorentino, tel 0575-658278, Castellani and Massimo Sport Bennati group GECO

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