A.O.T.C. : From the tips to make tourists Castiglion Fiorentino more livable and engaging.

A.O.T.C. : From the tips to make tourists Castiglion Fiorentino more livable and engaging.

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Tourists are without any doubt a source of wealth. Enter the currency in the real economy but also represent the litmus test for change , mold and shape the tourist offer. For this reason, the Association of Tour Operators of Castiglion Fiorentinio has created a sort of survey of all the guests who have stayed in associated structures . And the picture that comes is definitely not comforting. While it is passed with flying colors the landscape , the hospitality and the food and wine are not so benevolent judgments that relate to the territory . “The greatest difficulty complained by our guests – supports the association – often in the access denied , art treasures Castiglione . Churches closed , like other museums , or at least open at times not always easy . ” Not to mention the ecological viability , ” the good of the Valle di Chio – stands out – but maybe if there were other cycling routes tourists could admire the territory from another angle, with different perspectives, then , certainly the most fascinating .” In view of a country more suitable for tourists , perhaps it would be to restrict vehicular traffic in the town center as well as to improve the infrastructure. Discomfort also in the waste . ” The particulars in dumpsters – hound – are not always clear and effective ! ” And finally and ‘ unanimous consideration . ” Italy is known worldwide for the delicious food and wine and some tourists who stayed in Castiglion Fiorentino were disappointed to not find the specific shops that offered their typical products of our land .” The food and wine tourism is proving to be a great driving force for the entire local economy. ” And maybe now is the time to think – says Lidia Castellucci President AOTC – The creation of a road, and opening stores where they sell their products typical of our local arts and crafts . ” An idea to retain the “old” and invoke the other tourists . “We believe in tourism and its re-launch , and we believe that it can become a good base for further economic development of our region ,” concludes the AOTC The hope of the Association is to initiate a confrontation with authorities and associations to discuss both tourism and real economy .

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