December 15 2013: 70th anniversary of the bombing Porta Romana – Castiglion December 19, 1943

December 15 2013: 70th anniversary of the bombing Porta Romana – Castiglion December 19, 1943


December 19, 1943 …

that Sunday was bright sunshine and gaiety: the streets were swarming with people, most of which started at the church. At midday precisely the Collegiate presented an appearance almost of solemnity, so was the crowd of people. Exit the middle, people walked to their homes (about 12.30) to sit at the family table modest, humble and poor which would permit the difficult times, being rationed everything starting from the bread, assigned to each 150 grams daily, increased slightly to workers.

Will have been about 13:15 when he heard the dull hum characteristic of a formation of aircraft in flight from the southern side. It is enough to believe that no one has made a special case in this passage, now habitual and daily, but who is located outside the door of the country noted that the vehicles were unusually low and that they were signals in the form of smoke. They were spent when they returned a few seconds and the tremendous explosions shook the whole town like an earthquake while dense black smoke, combined with cloud of dust, pushed southward obscuring the air. At the same time cries of fear, screams, groans echoed through the streets, and women, old people, children ran to the door hoping for salvation outside of the country, in the countryside.

4 Cantoni by the vision that it appeared at was terrifying: the square the Collegio was expanded twice; disappeared houses flanking the left of the church with all the shops, disappeared the other houses in front of the door until St. Michael, remained miraculously intact. The everything reduced to a heap of ruins, stone upon stone. Out of the Gate of the ancient medieval tower has been deleted altogether, a bomb had hit it in full.

Program Sunday, December 15, 2013

9:30 am meeting with the Fanfara of Sharpshooters of Montevarchi , associations and participants in Piazza Garibaldi

10.00 departure to go to the Monument of the Fallen where it will do the flag-raising and deposition bouquet of flowers

10.30 Transfer by way of deposition Sharpshooters with bunch of flowers at the Monument of the Bersagliere

11.00 Piazza del Collegio S. Messa and laying a wreath at the Cippo in memory of dead Bombing

12.00 blessing of the plaque in memory of Count Cosimo Serristori donated Educational Institution Serristori

12.30 Lunch at the headquarters of the district social

15:00 departure for the Historic Centre , Public Gardens , and end with lowering of the flag ceremony.

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